Tests the level, version and FBC usage of the loaded SBML file.

Module Contents


Expect the SBML to be at least level 3 version 2.

This test reports if the model file is represented in the latest edition (level) of the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) which is Level 3, and at least version 1.

Implementation: The level and version are parsed directly from the SBML document.


Expect the FBC plugin to be present.

The Flux Balance Constraints (FBC) Package extends SBML with structured and semantic descriptions for domain-specific model components such as flux bounds, multiple linear objective functions, gene-protein-reaction associations, metabolite chemical formulas, charge and related annotations which are relevant for parameterized GEMs and FBA models. The SBML and constraint-based modeling communities collaboratively develop this package and update it based on user input.

Implementation: Parse the state of the FBC plugin from the SBML document.